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New Features: After Treatment Rating

Not just that we send customer personalized SMS to notify them their treatment redeemed and balance. But we also provide customer a link to rate their experience. This is an advance CRM function to further engage with customer and understand their experience.

How to extract 5 digit zip Code/Post Code from address field

Many years ago, when I am not so proficient in SQL, I often use programming language with complex loop and later with REGEX to extract 5 digits zip code from database. But when the advancement in technology , things can be pretty much easy. Just use PATINDEX in SQL statement.

Patindex (pattern index) is a very powerful function extract string position.

update [TABLENAME] set postcode=

case when

patindex(‘%[0-9][0-9][0-9][0-9][0-9]%’,address)>0 then


else ”

end WHERE len(postcode)=0


patindex(‘%[0-9][0-9][0-9][0-9][0-9]%’,address)>0 then

Detect 5 digits code. If you need to detect more than 5 digits just add more [0-9].


extract with patindex position, with length of 5

Hope this will help you guys



New Table Listing

Creating a new table Listing with pure HTML5 CSS + javascript. This will allow more flexible grid/table with re-sizable column. Upcoming we will have

  1. Sorting enable grid
  2. Filter enable grid
  3. Some features from Excel in terms of custom sorting and filtering
  4. Ultimately we will have Grouping and total (future version).

Upcoming Changes ad addons

  1. Revamp of appointment interface to support more dynamic appointment scheduling and also allow hotel booking and production scheduling style. That’s why we are developing a totally new Gantt chart
  2. Duty Roster for work force scheduling. It is very important features for Service industry, since workforce is always a constraint in carry out most of the job.
  3. Web Login with Picture taking feature. This features is almost done and prepare for roll out in any time soon. This will definitely cut down a lot of hardware cost by eliminating time attendance hardware. Very soon this feature can be integrated with facial recognition.

SVG Gantt Chart Development

Started development on multi purpose Gantt Chart. This Gantt chart will be used in job, appointment and also production resource scheduling later.






The Gantt chart has more elements than any ordinary Gantt chart due to product scheduling Gantt chart more parameters such as setup time, cycle time and also buffer time. The Yellow color currently acts as the plan time, in future is easier to do a plan vs actual gantt chart. We are still in early stage of development hopefully this can be roll out to production.