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Ryzen 5800x : how to reduce temperature?

Recently I have bought a new PC with Ryzen 5800x with Geeek A31 Mini ITX case. The case is about 6Liter size, but it has good airflow compare to some other 5Liter mini ITX case. Below are the components for my mini ITX PC Low profile CPU cooler Noctua NH-L9a-AM4...

JavaScript: how to get Unique data from an array

Nowadays we often deal a lot of JSON data, and array of data objects. What is the best way of filtering unique data of a data field/member property? With JavaScript latest ES6 and spread operator it can be done with just 1 line of javascript. var data=[] ; //sample...

New Features: After Treatment Rating

Not just that we send customer personalized SMS to notify them their treatment redeemed and balance. But we also provide customer a link to rate their experience. This is an advance CRM function to further engage with customer and understand their experience.