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System Operation Frequently Asked Questions  (FAQs)

Why I cannot clock in and clock out, event I have data in employee list and user list?

Users have to have data in employee list and user list and link together with employee Code as illustrated below

Enter the related employee Code in the employee Code field. then click save

If the user and employee name is successfully linked, then the above screen will appear, just enter password to clock in or clock out.



You will get above screen error message, if you fail to link the employee code and user.

Is private cloud option available?

YES, customer who subscribe more than 5 branches can request for Private Cloud with VPN connection with additional of RM 200 for next 100 branches with same company ID. This means that users cannot gain access to 33crm system by accessing the URL such as company.33crm.com without proper VPN setup. L2TP VPN with pre-shared key must be setup at router (for site to site VPN) or individual computer, to enforce security policy. Click here for steps to setup