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Our Company

To Provide Dynamic and Adaptive Solution to tackle ever changing business bottleneck

Adaptive Solution

Ever Changing Customer requirement in nowadays challenging business environment requires an adaptive and dynamic solution. Our in case iCASE framework is able to transform requirements to final solution with lightning speed.

Domain Expert

Have great domain knowledge and experience in multiple industries. Experience system implementer that always work with users and customer company stake holder to ensure successful project

Problem Solvers

All solution must solve a problem, there will be no solution without a problem statement provided

Listen to voice of customer

Customer and their users are always our first priority in implementing a project. We always listen to voice of customer in order to move hand in hand together and make sure the required solution is successfully implemented.

Our Story

Macrobase System is a software development company that has strong domain knowledge on multiple fields such as manufacturing, retail, FCMG and servicing industries. The company focus on delivering customized solution to meet customer detailed requirements. The company focus on delivering adaptive solution that allow further customization and changes according to customer business process. The Main challenge in software development is the speed to change according to constant change of business requirement.
  • Software Development 80% 80%
  • Software CASE Framework 60% 60%
  • Mobile App Development 50% 50%
  • Solution Implementation 90% 90%

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!
Macrobase System has been extensively developing for Herbaline Facial Spa CRM, POS, warehouse management system and other related integration since 2009. They have very intensive domain knowledge in Beauty Salon, Facial Spa and service industry. This company has very intensive customization skill and knowledge due to their previous experience as software development house, they have very experience solution architect to help us find the correct solution to improve our business continuously. After Implementing real time CRM/POS System, every branches sales are display in real time chart that allow branches to have full visibility of sales information. The “competition” between each branches have boost the sales revenue significantly. I still remember after the system implementation, the Sales increase at least 10 to 15% by next month.
Gary Sho

Vice President, Herbaline Facial Spa

No System is able to cater for our anniversay Package and PWP Purchase. Some of the package rules such as mix and match is very complicated, but this system is able to do it without much customization, some of the anniversary PWP rules are easily configured using their dynamic package condition settings. Our commission and sales information can be easily obtained anytime and anywhere
Ms. Dylan

Vice President, Cres Wellness/Cellnique

The System has all the required CRM reports that allow me to pinpoint issue down to the branch and employee level. The Report is comprehensive with related CRM KPI that will allow me to make quick decision whenever I view the report. The system allow easy data consolidation from different branches without hassle. Consultant has very structure workflow to follow up existing customer. The usage of roadshow module allow data to be uploaded from mobile into back end CRM without going through paper work hassle.
Dato Bryan Tay

Group MD, Miracle Hair Expert