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  • Service is defined as a process that has Duration, contains salon used item, and has service commission.
  • If a service that has no above attributes, it can be input into product directory since it does not require additional data entry in service directory.
  • Service sold in POS module is KIV (keep automatically) until it is checked out, while the product is checkout (collected) automatically unless it is KIV checked.
  • Service may contain no service items, service commission, and thus does not affect any inventory stock movement


  • Category: user-defined category. This service category is used in package formulation and prepaid voucher. Service within the same group can be utilized by voucher or package bulk purchase
  • Break Down Type: User-defined analytical field
  • Description: Service description that appears in POS, invoice print out, related interface and reports.
  • Selling Price: Service selling price that appears in POS and other related interfaces
  • Min. Price: Minimum selling price that is allowed after discount
  • Commission: Sales commission (commission when sales are performed) regardless of payment received and service conducted)
  • Reminder (day): Used in reminder reports
  • Duration: Used in commission details calculation reports
  • Active: Is service currently active in the POS module?


  1. Click service steps
  2. Enter steps number. (Numerical Data)
  3. Enter service steps description EG: commission, masking, extraction, washing, cutting and etc operational name.
  4. Commission amount in full value. Does not support percentage %
  5. Condition: future update reference
  6. Click Add New button to add the new service steps into the system.
  7. Click Confirm button in order to save all the added service steps
  8. It is recommended to have fewer service steps.


  1. Click service items in service directory data entry screen
  2. Click item code text box or description text box to search by part code or description
  3. Search can be performed on the product, product category (group), or skin type (usage). All type is referring to the product directory data setup.
  4. Enter the quantity of salon used item
  5. Enter Unit of measurement. **UOM is automatically converted when the UOM does not match with product stock Unit.
  6. Example: If Product A has UOM 100ML, in service A, 10 ML of product A is set in service items, the total of 10 times services A collection will result in 1 BOTTLE of Product A been deducted from inventory. If services items define different UOM, 10 BOTTLE (as the whole) will be deducted when each service is collected.
  7. Click add new to add the selected product into the list.
  8. Click confirm to Save the Service Items.