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Product Category and Product Directory Setup

Product/Package menu Group contains
  • Product category
  • Product Usage Type
  • Break Down Type
  • Product directory
  • Service Category
  • Service Directory
  • Package Category
  • Package Directory
  • Room List


  • Product, service and package category is user-defined grouping to allow easier package formulation and sorting.

  • All category comes with a color code which is defined as # RRGGBB (Red Green Blue in Hexadecimal) format. #RGB or standard color such as black, red, blue, green, magenta, yellow, cyan and etc are also supported


  • Breakdown Type is a user define grouping that is used in multiple types of standard reporting and also customized reporting.
  • Breakdown type is mostly used in analytical reports. This user-defined type can be used to group multiple products, services, and packages across different tables.
  • Analysis such as best selling breakdown type, group, or outlet breakdown type report can be easily generated.


  • Skin Type/User Group Type 1: User define grouping
  • Category: User-define grouping, is also used in Package formulation when purchasing the group of products
  • Break Down Type: user-defined fields for cross table analysis reports
  • Part Code: Required and unique data field that identify product
  • Description: Human readable language that describes the product and will appear in POS screen and printed invoices
  • Weight: reference field for product weight (numerical format)
  • Selling price: required field for product selling price, appear in POS and related interface.
  • Minimum Price: a Minimum price that discount is allowed
  • Cost: Cost of Goods/product been purchased, average weighted value
  • Item Type: Salon, consumable, retail and others reference type. Salon items can only be checked out in Salon out an item in inventory. Users have to define correctly to allow item checks out.
  • Active: Products currently active and sellable in POS module?
  • Minimum stock: Reference field for minimum stock
  • Maximum stock: reference field for maximum stock