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Step 1: Sales Adjustment

Click Sales Adjustment on customer Sales Page

Step 2:Normal POS Operation & Select a Date

  1. Enter the Service/Treatment Balance Owe to customer, do not enter full package
  2. Ignore the Grand Total price, system will adjust to ZERO later
  3. Select a Date, which is BEFORE the system being implemented.
  4. Example first sales invoice (on new system) is 1/JAN/2019
  5. Back date to 1/DEC/2019, or 1/JAN/2018  both are viable to signify the sales are back dated
  6. Select consultant then click PAYMENT


  2. In normal POS operation, users have to enter at least 1 payment mode even is ZERO payment.
  3. But in order for system to automatic adjust the sales to ZERO, remember not to enter any payment
  4. CLICK CONFIRM PAYMENT,  once in this screen

DO NOT ENTER any payment data

Step 4: pending approval

  1. On HQ/Admin access level, Click pending action, to access pending approval sales adjustment
  2. Click on any sales adjustment that is pending for approval

Step 5: Approve sales adjustment

  1. Enter Username and password that has approval rights
  2. Click approve to approve the sales adjustment

Step 6: Sales history cross check

  1. Go back to Customer Sales and search for customer profile
  2. Click Sales history then cross check approve sales adjustment
  3. It should have total sales of 0. If it is not 0 then in Step 3: payment interface instruction is not done correctly