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Inventory – Stock List


This section contains:

1. Stock Level Settings

2. Salon Out

3. Stock Transfer

4. Stock Balance Adjustment

5. Stock Direct Adjustment


Stock Level Settings

Stock level setting is to set the stock quantity of product from each branch by minimum and maximum value of stock must have in each branch.

  •  Each branch defined it minimum and maximum quantity according to their Branch ID


Salon Out Stock

Salon out is function to keep track the product consumable and usage for the salon used.

1) Create new salon out list or select from the list to update

2) The document code for salon out is auto increment as does not need to manually input

3) Description for the stock used salon.

4) Add new item by it item code and description.

5) Delete item that required to be remove from the list.


Stock Transfer

 Stock transfer function is to transfer stock from one branch to another branch.

1) Create new stock list to transfer or select from the list to update.

2) The stock transfer code that is auto increment as does not need to manually input.

3) Select branch transferring option from one branch to another branch. 

4) Add new item for transfer.


Stock Balance Adjustment

Stock balance adjustment function is to adjust stock balance from designated branch as set date.

  • Create new or select from stock balance adjustment list
  • Set the stock balance date
  • Set the stock quantity and salon stock quantity
  • Add new item or delete item from the list


Stock Direct Adjustment

Stock direct adjustment function is to change the stock quantity based on adjustment or transfer based on the branch and description.

  •  Create new or select from the existing stock direct adjustment list.
  • Trans code is the transfer or adjustment stock code which is auto increment
  • Branch selection where it from and transfer to
  • Add new item by defining item code, description and quantity or delete the item from the list