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Employee List

Employee list function contain staff information registered on the system, including function to:

1. Add new staff

2. Update staff information

3. Remove staff


Under Human Resource section on the Main Menu at the left, click on Employee List.


1. List of staff to be selected for or add new staff by click on New button at the top left of the menu.

2. Selected staff information will be shown here:

     EmployeeCode: The staff ID or code (required field)

     Employee Name: The staff full name

     Branch ID: The branch where the staff work

     Consultant / Therapist: Checkbox to select staff is consulant or therapist

     Branch Access: The branch that give the staff access to

     Position: The staff position

     Department: The department where the staff work

     Resigned: If the staff has been resigned choose Y (Yes) or N (No) if not

     ICNo: The staff IC No identification

3. Update the staff information or delete to remove the staff.