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Small Investment with huge ROI




By using 33CRM and build in follow up list, customer retention and follow up is easy as 1-2-3. Sales Revenue increased in just a few months time.




Plans and Pricing

Subscription license is on Per Month Per Branch Basis. Customization is based on quoted man days and 1 time off basis.

System Customization

Invest once only!


Our solution can be easily customized by using our in-house  33iCASE Framework. Below are some of the customization supported. All customization are charged once only and will not increase monthly subscription price.

Data Entry Form such as Sales Target, Questionnaire, Additional Customer Data, Grouping or customer segmentation can be easily customized into CRM System. Usually a data entry form has to be customized, whenever the are additional data required by system to transform certain data into useful information.








RM 1000 to RM 1500 per data entry form customization depends on complexity

Sometimes certain business processes or data transformation function is very crucial, without it, the system might not be regarded as solution, but rather than an off the shelf software product. Business process such as commission, incentive, production plan, follow up plan may vary from one company to other.

RM 1,200 to RM 2,500 per business process customization depends on the requirement complexity

Table Reports, Pie chart, line charts, Excel reports, KPI Reports, Graphical Dashboard are all standard customization that required by every organization. Due to every business has different decision making process, different report and dashboard must be customized.

RM 1200 to RM 2500 for Each Report Customization  depends on Report Complexity

The system comes with standard API, but the API is only available if you purchase enterprise version of the system. Due to the limited access to API, if users need to have integration to accounting system, mobile devices, other software, integration customization has to be carried out. Integration such as export in CSV, TEXT, XML and other file format are possible. Web API integration such as SOAP, WSDL, JSON, and XML are also available. All integration have to go through proper documentation study and quotation will be given to users before carry out the job.


RM 1500 to RM 3000 per integration customization depends on integration API complexity.


What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

Macrobase System has been extensively developing for Herbaline Facial Spa CRM, POS, warehouse management system and other related integration since 2009. They have very intensive domain knowledge in Beauty Salon, Facial Spa and service industry. This company has very intensive customization skill and knowledge due to their previous experience as software development house, they have very experience solution architect to help us find the correct solution to improve our business continuously.

After Implementing real time CRM/POS System, every branches sales are display in real time chart that allow branches to have full visibility of sales information. The “competition” between each branches have boost the sales revenue significantly. I still remember after the system implementation, the Sales increase at least 10 to 15% by next month.


Gary Sho

Vice President, Herbaline Facial Spa

No System is able to cater for our anniversay Package and PWP Purchase. Some of the package rules such as mix and match is very complicated, but this system is able to do it without much customization, some of the anniversary PWP rules are easily configured using their dynamic package condition settings. Our commission and sales information can be easily obtained anytime and anywhere




Ms. Dylan

Vice President, Cres Wellness/Cellnique

The System has all the required CRM reports that allow me to pinpoint issue down to the branch and employee level. The Report is comprehensive with related CRM KPI that will allow me to make quick decision whenever I view the report. The system allow easy data consolidation from different branches without hassle.

Consultant has very structure workflow to follow up existing customer. The usage of roadshow module allow data to be uploaded from mobile into back end CRM without going through paper work hassle.

Dato Bryan Tay

Group MD, Miracle Hair Expert

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have perpetual/life time licensing model?
NO, we do not provide any on Premise or perpetual/life time licensing model right after 1/JAN/2018. Due to the difficulty of implementation and configuration support, we no longer provide such option to customer. We sincerely apologize to our potential customer who would like to go for this option


What other service is included for above monthly subscription?
The monthly subscription is a basic branch license with listed Features. The subscription license does not include hardware, training, implementation service such as data import, export, and customization services.
Do you provide free trial?
Yes, We do please kindly contact us. But we strongly suggest that the users get trained to be able to configure the system properly before using it. Some of the commission and package configuration is very complex.
What is the contract term?
All subscription is by monthly Subscription. Users have to pay before using the services.
What is the Termination period after payment stop?
All subscription will be terminated 1 month after no payment received from user.
What happen to my data if subscription is terminated
All customer data, sales history, payment history will be exported into MS Excel format and email to users. Other data can be requested upon approval.

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